Wien, 15 July 2005 Press release

100 Serb students set out from Vienna on a one-month journey through Europe


Trip organised within the framework of the "Travelling to Europe" project

Vienna, 15 July 2005 - Secretary-General of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dr. Johannes Kyrle, will greet 100 Serb students who are about to set out on a one-month journey around the EU Member States at the Diplomatic Academy on Friday afternoon.

Within the framework of the "Travelling to Europe" project, 100 of the best students in Serbia, selected in accordance with stringent criteria, are for the first time being given the opportunity to get to know the states of the European Union during a one-month trip. The project was organised by the NGO "European Movement in Serbia" and the Serb Ministry of Education with the support of the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade. Austria issued the students with the necessary visas. The project was financed by public and private sponsors, including Austrian companies.

The initiative is fully in keeping with Austria's efforts to help Serbia and Montenegro and its youth become closer acquainted with the EU. Owing to the limited freedom of travel (visa obligation), the EU has hitherto remained closed to many people living in South-Eastern Europe. The project thus touches upon an aspect which, particularly in the eyes of young people, is seen as one of the major advantages of a rapprochement to European integration structures.

Austria is the first stop on the students' journey through Europe. Besides Secretary-General Kyrle, the reception at the Diplomatic Academy will also be attended by Dr. Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, and a representative of the NGO "European Movement in Serbia".