Guadalajara, 27 May 2004 Press release

Ferrero-Waldner: "EU-Latin America Summit of geopolitical importance"


Foreign Minister demands stronger role of EU in other world regions

Guadalajara, 27 May 2004 - Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner considers the meeting of the heads of state and governments and foreign ministers of the EU and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to be of geopolitical importance. On the occasion of the summit in the Mexican city of Guadalajara the Foreign Minister stated, "We are living in a time where new geopolitical force fields are emerging, as is reflected for example in the recently announced strategic partnership between Brazil and China. I am committed to strengthening the role the EU is playing in more distant regions of the world, such as Latin America and the Caribbean. Today we will define the nature of the future relationship between Europe and regions like Latin America for the next few decades."

Ferrero-Waldner said she was convinced Europe must not only concentrate its attention on its own affairs, but must increasingly look beyond its own continent. Ferrero-Waldner: "Europe must define its common interests, in order to better defend them on the global level." The Foreign Minister also emphasised the importance of a co-operation between the two world regions in international organisations. "We tried to examine ways and means for a closer co-operation and for a more concerted action of both regions in multilateral bodies."

In conclusion the Foreign Minister stressed that Europe’s model of success would also serve as an example for the Latin American region. "The European integration constitutes a driving force for all integration processes in the world - also in Latin America."