Guadalajara, 28 May 2004 Press release

EU und Lateinamerika wollen UNO stärken


Ferrero-Waldner announces EU-LAC Summit in Vienna in 2006

Guadalajara, 28 May 2004 - According to Minister for Foreign Affairs Benita Ferrero-Waldner, in the Final Declaration of their Guadalajara Summit the states of Latin America and the EU express their clear rejection of unilateral action by states and simultaneously set themselves the goal of enhancing the United Nations' capacity to act. "We need to reform the United Nations in order to maintain its capacity to act. Today's world is changing so quickly that multilateral institutions like the United Nations will have to be comprehensively restructured if they are to continue to fulfil their role in the world in future. We are living in a time in which new power constellations are forming in global politics, and it is obvious that the composition of the United Nations Security Council no longer corresponds to this geopolitical reality. It reflects neither the growing number of UN member states, nor the regional balance. However, it needs to do both if it is to retain its legitimacy", commented Ferrero-Waldner.

In this context the Foreign Minister emphasised that Austria in particular, as one of the host countries of the UN, feels jointly responsible for the future functioning of the global organisation and wishes to provide the UN with as much support as possible in meeting its responsibility for global security and peace. "In my view, a reform of the UN Security Council is absolutely imperative, not only to take better account of regional points of view, but also to place greater emphasis on geopolitical responsibilities. Multilateralism not only means bringing about a convergence of markets; it also means bringing about a convergence of prosperity and justice. And we will only succeed in doing this if the United Nations Security Council can found its legitimacy on a broad regional basis", Ferrero-Waldner continued.

Concluding, the Foreign Minister announced that the Fourth EU-LAC Summit in May 2006 will be held in Vienna. "Federal Chancellor Schüssel will be issuing an invitation to his counterparts from the other 57 participating states today. I will be appointing a special EU-Latin America Coordinator at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to prepare the thematic agenda for this Summit and ensure that the road from Guadalajara to Vienna is a successful one for Austria too. My objective is to see that Austria's interests, particularly in the fields of economic, cultural and development policy, are already taken into account in the decision-making process of the respective authorities in Brussels in the lead-up to the EU-LAC Summit 2006, and to ensure that through a constant exchange of experience with these authorities we in Austria are able to react in good time to developments that affect us directly", said the Foreign Minister.