Guadalajara, 28 May 2004 Press release

EU and Latin America condemn torture in Iraq


Ferrero-Waldner: draft resolution on Iraq is a "good basis"

Guadalajara, 28 May 2004 – In light of the debates at the EU-Latin America Summit in Mexico, Minister for Foreign Affairs Benita Ferrero-Waldner expects today's final conclusions of the Summit to contain a clear statement regarding the abuse of detainees in Iraqi prisons. "The Summit will deliver a clear message on the incidents in Iraq. I see this as an important signal. It shows that the EU and the states of Latin America are united in their disapproval and condemnation of these acts. At the same time, the final conclusions will stress that those responsible for the torture are to be brought to trial and this will help bring about a breakthrough for international humanitarian law", said Ferrero-Waldner. However, the Foreign Minister is not expecting the USA to be explicitly named in this context.

In connection with the ongoing negotiations regarding a new UN resolution on Iraq, Ferrero-Waldner described the latest draft tabled by the USA and the United Kingdom as a "good basis for negotiations", adding, however, that it was also important that the new political order in Iraq be based on the recommendations made by Lakhdar Brahimi. "The handover of sovereignty to an Iraqi interim government must be effected in a credible manner. At the same time, action must be taken under the leadership of the United Nations to bring about a sustainable improvement in the living conditions of the people of Iraq, who have been plagued by repression, want and war for so many years", said Ferrero-Waldner.