Vienna, 26 November 2004 Press release

Foreign Minister Plassnik on the peace initiative by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi


Vienna, 26 November 2004 - With regard to the visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi this 12 November and the related working talks she had held with her Ethiopian counterpart Seyoum Mesfin on this occasion, Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik today welcomed the new peace initiative launched by the Ethiopian head of government:

"We welcome the fact that the government of Ethiopia is prepared to settle the conflict with Eritrea peacefully. Especially welcome is Ethiopia's present willingness to accept in principle the decision made by the border commission and to resume its cooperation with the commission", said the Foreign Minister today, adding that it was to be hoped that this change in Ethiopia's position would bring some further progress in the deadlocked peace efforts concerning the border conflict with Eritrea. The Foreign Minister appeals to the parties to strive for a joint solution to the questions concerning the implementation of the border by means of peaceful negotiations.