Vienna, 9 December 2003 Press release

Platform "Culture - Central Europe"- Central European Jazz Performance in Rome


Rome as the two-day showcase and focus of the Central European jazz scene - "Festival Jazz Mitteleuropeo"

Vienna, 9 December 2003 - Jazz of the very finest will be on offer during the two-day "Festival Jazz Mitteleuropeo" in Rome. Within the framework of the Central European Cultural Platform, the initiative launched by Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria in spring 2001 to promote closer cooperation in the field of foreign cultural policy, an international jazz festival to mark the Italian Presidency of the European Council will be held at Rome's Alpheus Jazz Club on 9 and 10 December 2003. Top jazz ensembles from Poland ["Kuba Stankiewicz Chopin Songbook"], Slovakia ["Bartos-Jakabcic"], Slovenia ["Samo Salamon Ornethology Quartet"], the Czech Republic ["Visit of Music"], Hungary ["Mihály Borbély Quartet B"] and Austria ["N-Way", "Gelee Royal"], along with the "Central European Jazz Connection", an ensemble consisting of musicians from the Platform's six member countries, will take their audience on a voyage of discovery through the various musical currents of the jazz scene in the future EU member states, thus giving an impression of the cultural dimension of the New Europe.

The event is being jointly organised and managed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the member countries of the Cultural Platform and mica - music information center austria.

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