Vienna, 2 December 2003 Press release

Austria-China: Cultural talks in Beijing


First meeting of the Mixed Commission on Cultural Cooperation

Vienna, 2 December 2003 - On 1 December 2003 the talks between the representatives of Austria and the People’s Republic of China conducted within the framework of the first meeting of the Austrian-Chinese Mixed Commission on Cultural Cooperation in Beijing were successfully concluded with the signing of the work programme for the period 2003 to 2007.

Within the meaning of the Austrian-Chinese Cultural Agreement, the two countries for the first time agreed on concrete measures for cooperation in the areas of education, science, art and culture as well as youth and sports. Among other things, the Austrian initiatives aimed at setting up a cultural forum at the Austrian embassy in Beijing in 2004 and the establishment of a Chinese cultural institute in Vienna were again anchored in the agreement. Besides increased cooperation and joint programmes between Austrian and Chinese educational and scientific institutions, the work programme in the areas of art and culture - as proposed during the visit of Austria’s Foreign Minister to Beijing - encompasses the organisation of a Central European music festival in Beijing in 2004 as well as an exhibition of "Wild painting - New works by outstanding Austrian artists" in Shanghai, Beijing and other Chinese cities in the year 2005.