Vienna, 11 September 2003 Press release

Ferrero-Waldner deeply shocked by the death of Anna Lindh


"Anna Lindh remains with us in spirit"

Vienna, 11 September 2003 - "With great personal consternation and distress I have received the news of the death of my dear colleague Anna Lindh today. She was a person full of the joy of life and dynamically committed to the goals of the European Union. Anna Lindh will continue to stay with us in spirit", Austrian Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner said today, just after having been informed of the death Anna Lindh.

"The most valuable legacy of a human being is the mark his words and deeds have left in our hearts. In this hour, we should allow our feelings to reach out to the two young sons, who have lost their mother, Anna Lindh, today. I wish Sweden and the family of Anna Lindh much strength and courage in this difficult hour", Ferrero-Waldner said.