Working in Austria

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Non-EU citizens need a working- and residence permit for all different kinds of occupation, including Au-Pair employment, except for intended stays shorter than 6 months for which a working permit and a visa has to be obtained.

  • The working permit has to be applied from the future employer before entering the country (so named “Einzelsicherungsbescheinigung”).
  • The working permit isn’t issued during the visit in Austria.
  • The Embassy has no legal authority to arrange job positions, please contact therefore the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS “Arbeitsmarktservice”).

For Non-EU residents apply the regulations of the “Bundesgesetzes vom 20. März1975, BGBL. Nr. 218“, wich is regulating the occupation of foreigners(Ausländerbeschäftigungsgesetz; short: AuslBG)

This law comprehensively controls the requirements and procedures for the receipt of an employment -approval which a foreigner has to have for being able to work in Austria. This employment-approval is issued exclusively by the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS). The necessary allowance is issued by the Austrian employer.

The basic assumption for an employment-approval is an appropriate condition and development on the labour market, which allows the occupation of a foreigner as well as that important public and macroeconomic interests are not opposed (§ 4 AusIBG). Further there is as well the designation about the federal maximum number (§ 12a AusIBG). Currently, the condition on the labour market gives only limited possibilities for the occupation of new or accordingly additional foreign workers.

The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) is aimed to constrain the foreign employment at the current level in order to allocate additional jobs for natives, young foreigners of the second generation and unemployed foreigners of the old generation, which are living in Austria already since a long period of time.

The Austrian Public Employment Service offers comprehensive job data base (E-Job-Room) and hints for the job seeking process as well as a detailed link list for public and private stuff- and workagents for a successful job-seeking.

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