Studying in Austria

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Austrian colleges, universities and universities for applied science ("Fachhochschulen", short "FH") offer students and researchers a comprehensive syllabus, an enabling academic environment and quality in research and teaching. Universities and colleges can be found in the capital Vienna, in the larger towns of Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg and, finally, in Leoben (montanistics) and Krems (Danube University). A total of more than 20 FH have been established since the mid-1990ies.

A number of scholarship programmes are available to students from Southern Africa. Please find the most important information and links below.


Language and education are important skills. This is why the ÖIF is now offering the language portal to help those trying to learn the language - no matter wether you are abroad or in Austria.

German Course Information see Link "On the subject"

Research in Austria

Austria offers fascinating opportunities for researchers:

  • Austrian Exchange Service "On the subject" Link
  • Diplomatic Academy Vienna "On the subject" Link
  • Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, see "On the subject" Link
  • Austrian Society for Foreign Policy, see "On the subject" Link


Several institutions in Austria provide scholarships for students, graduates and researchers, including from abroad. The call for scholarships is available on the mobility and research grants database

Due to the positive experience, electronic application via is obligatory since the study year 2008/09.

Information about the "START-Scholarships" offered by the Federal Chancellery of Austria can be found here. Deadline of the applications is March 31, 2015.

Artist in Residence Programme 2017 by the Austrian Government

  • Final Information Artist in Residence, see "On the subject" Link  


For any question concerning transfrontier recognition in the field of higher education, you can turn to the Austrian National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).

Summer University of Vienna

The Summer University of Vienna offers an international summer study programme, including European Studies and German language courses, for students from all over the world.

Summer University of Vienna, see "On the subject" Link  

Know-how development in the tourism sector

Tourism is an economic growth sector not only in Austria, but globally. In order to present a comprehensive picture of the considerable Austrian know-how in the sector, as well as to attract interested students to Austrian tourism schools, please visit the platform's web site:

Tourism Information Platform, see "On the subject" Link