Aquisition of Citizenship

Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. Minoritenplatz 8.

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Austrian Citizenship

Austrian Citizenship law is primarlily based on the legal principle of “ius sanguinis” – citizenship is passed on by blood, irrespective of the place of birth.

Austrian citizenship may be obtained – inter alia – through descent, acquisition and extension of acquisition.

For further information, please see weblinks "On the subject" or contact the Austrian Embassy Pretoria.

Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis (Citizenship Certificate)

Please note, that all foreign (non-Austrian) public documents have to be legalised of by means of an Apostille Certificate or a Certificate of Authentication. For further information please see Link "On the subject".

Necessary Documents from the Applicant: (in original and photocopy):

  • Application form and Statement duly filled in and signed. For minors: consent of legal representative/s: If the mother is unmarried only her signature will be required. If parents have shared custody (e.g. marriage) both parents are required to sign. If parents are divorced only the parent who has been granted the right to legally represent the child (divorce decree must be presented) can apply for a passport.
  • birth certificate, original and copy (if born in South Africa, FULL or UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE)
  • „Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis“ of the Austrian parent(s).
  • „Letter of Determination of Citizenship“ of the Austrian parent (if born outside of South Africa), issued by the Department of Home Affairs, maximum 6 months old, original only
  • Birth certificates of both parents, if born in South Africa: FULL or UNABRDIGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  • Marriage certificate of the parents, if married in South Africa: (FULL oder UNABRIDGED MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE)
  • South African ID-Document of the applicant
  • ID-Documents (SA-ID-book and passport) of both parents

Consular fee: € 48,--  If applied for within the first 2 years since date of birth the consular fee will be waived.

You will be notified by the Embassy should further documents be required.