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Marital and family law of Austria - see "On the subject".


Marriage in South Africa

No special conditions or requirements exist for the marriage of a South African citizen to a non-South African. All questions and regulations with regard to marriage are covered in the Marriage Act. A marriage between close relatives is not possible. Minors under 18 require a declaration of consent from both legal guardians, or from the Commissioner of Child Welfare.

In general the following documents have to be presented when marrying in South Africa:

  • Passports of the fiancées with valid visas
  • Letter of no impediment, issued by the responsible Austrian civil registry office (“Standesamt”), with a certified translation into English.
  • If applicable: divorce decree with a certified translation into English

Only marriage officers authorised by Marriage Act 25/1961 may conduct marriages.

When formal requirements are met a marriage contracted in South Africa is legally validated the same way as an Austrian marriage.

After marriage, it is advisable to apply for a “Full/Unabridged Marriage Certificate” at the South African Department of Home Affairs and to have this document legalised by the South African authorities (Ministry for International Relations and Cooperation) with the “Hague Apostille”.

Please note that mandatory information is provided only by the South African Department of Home Affairs 
see Link "On the subject".