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In case of the decease of an Austrian citizen in South Africa the Embassy (or the Consulates) can give advice and help the family with the formalities.

Also in case you do not ask the Austrian representations for support, they however have to be informed about the decease and need the following documents:

  • Certificate of death
  • Austrian passport (which can be returned to the family after having been made invalid)

There are no custom requirements or customs duties levied for the Transport (Import or Export) of human ashes or dead bodies, nor are any official papers necessary for the transport of human ashes (other than the local death certificate, which is required in Austria to proceed with the official steps). A “Leichenpass” (Laissez-Passer for a corpse) for the transport of dead bodies can be obtained at the Embassy.

Due to Austrian provincial legislation (which covers regulations about the funeral system and dead bodies) human ashes or dead bodies transported to Austria have to be sent and addressed to official and licensed undertaker's or to the legal entity of the cemetery only and not to private persons.

If ashes are handed over to private persons in neglect of the Austrian legislation and brought to Austria it’s the responsibility of this person to comply with the necessity of a compulsory burial.

For the transport of human ashes a durable, waterproof and hermetic container (cinerary urn) has to be used. The First- and Family Name, birth date and day of death and name/address of the crematorium should be attached.

Please contact a local undertaker's (obligatory for the transport dead bodies) of or forwarding agent to arrange the transport of the mortal remains. See "On the subject" Link