Visa Information

General Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read the following information carefully. Even if you have applied for an Austrian or Schengen visa in the past, the conditions may have changed.

This information is primarily for citizens of

  • the Republic of Indonesia
  • the Republic of Singapore
  • the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  • citizens of other countries who require a visa who are legal and permanent residents in Indonesia, Singapore or Timor-Leste. If you live outside any of these countries, please refer to the Austrian Embassy or Consulate competent for your place of residence

It their travel destination is Austria, Malta or Slovenia, as the Austrian Embassy in Jakarta is competent to issue Short-term Schengenvisas ("C") for Malta or Slovenia if the planned stay for the purpose of tourism, business and/or (private) travels does not exceed 3 months (Austrian Schengenvisa application conditions apply).

If you live outside any of these countries, please refer to the Austrian Embassy or Consulate competent for your place of residence.

If you are traveling to multiple destinations within the Schengen area, the Austrian Embassy is only responsible for issuing a visa if your main travel destination (e.g. prolonged length of stay) is Austria, Malta or Slovenia; or – in case you are planning to stay an equal amount of time in different Schengen country – if you enter the Schengen area through Austria, Malta or Slovenia.

In other cases, please refer to the Schengen Embassy or Consulate responsible for your main travel destination.


You have to apply with all the required documents in original and one copy. The visa section does not make copies.

Please note: All correspondence and procedural instructions take place directly and only between the Embassy and the applicant. Please be advised that the Embassy will not give any information by telephone or email on ongoing applications. General Visa inquiries by phone are only possible from Monday to Thursday between 14.00 pm and 15.00 pm.

We are committed to politeness and friendly consultation. We thus ask you to approach our staff with equal politeness and self-restraint, even in case you do not agree with the Embassy’s decision regarding your visa application. The Austrian Embassy is required to adhere to principles in accordance with the rule of law when making visa decisions. Your application is processed by several departments and officials, and the individual processing steps are again supervised by other officials, in order to avoid wrong or arbitrary outcomes. The staff involved in processing your application is closely supervised in order to guarantee the objective handling of its task in accordance with regulations.

Schengen Visa "C"
Short-term travel visa (up to 3 months) for the purpose of tourism, business and/or (private) travels
1. Application Form in German, English, French and Spanish

National Visa "D"
for a prolonged stay (up to 6 months) in Austria 
2. Application Form in German and Bahasa Indonesia

Residence permit
for a prolonged stay (more than 6 months) in Austria

Please fill in the application form on a computer, typewriter, or in handwritten capital letters. Please sign the application form yourself. (A representative’s signature cannot be accepted!) Incomplete applications will be rejected.


You should apply for your visa at least 14 days and a maximum of three months before your planned journey Applications submitted less than 2 weeks before the intended departure date will not be accepted.

It is every traveler’s and applicant’s own responsibility to timely book an appointment for submission of his application at VFS.

The visa processing time is normally 7-10 days and may take (significantly) longer in individual cases.

Please book your itinerary before applying for a visa, as the Austrian Embassy cannot issue visas without such confirmation. In addition, the Embassy cannot be held responsible for changes to your itinerary between the time of your application and the issue-date of your visa. (In this case, you must re-apply for a visa.)

Please keep this in mind when planning your journey!

Schengen Visa (C): 60 €
Schengen Visa (C) children 6-12 years: 35 €
Long stay Austria Visa (D): 100 €

The Visa fee must be paid upon submission of your application in cash in IDR. No credit cards or cheques!

The Visa fee will not be refunded in case of rejection of the application.

The visa fee is waived for applicants belonging to one of the following categories:

  1. children under six years;
  2. school pupils, students, postgraduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake stays for the purpose of study or educational training;
  3. researchers from third countries travelling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research;
  4. representatives of non-profit organisations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organised by non-profit organisations;
  5. family members of EU/EEA citizens, falling under Directive 2004/38.

Other optional visa fees waivers may apply.

NO additional fees must be paid. You will receive a receipt immediately after payment of the fee.

It is strictly prohibited for Embassy staff to accept tips or any other form of payment. Please spare our staff and yourself the situation of being suspected of corruption. In this regard, Embassy staff activity is particularly closely monitored. Any attempt at corruption will entail the immediate rejection of your application.


Please attach a photo that must match your exact appearance at the time of your application and has to fulfil special criteria. See also the Photograph Guidelines.


The validity of the passport must exceed your intended period of stay by at least three months and must be issued within the last 10 years.

If you plan to stay in Austria for up to three months, the passport has to be valid for at least six months beginning with the day of your arrival in Austria.

You need at least 2 empty pages in your passport for the visa.

The photo in your passport must match your appearance at the time of your application.

Please refer to the respective category of the country on specific and detailed information regarding supporting documents, proof of travel, travel insurance, information about a electronic guarantee letter and much more:

The European Union Commission has published answered FAQ regarding Schengen Visa. Please see in the left Navigation.