The "green" Embassy

About the Austrian Embassy Building

Austrian Embassy Jakarta

The new office building of the Austrian Embassy in Jakarta has been officially opened on 28 November 2011 by Dr. Wolfgang WALDNER, State Secretary for European and International Affairs of the Republic of Austria.

An innovative approach to climate friendly architecture for hot and humid climates.The building design suggests a new approach to sustainable architecture in hot and humid climates. It brings together high indoor climate comfort for the user, reasonable costs for construction and operation and high standards in terms of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The excellent performance is based on a new building concept which respects the priciples of effective sun protection and adopts the Passivehouse-Standard to hot humid climate conditions. This means as key features a careful shading of all openings, a high thermal insulation standard for exterior walls, double glazed windows, an air-tight building shell, a ventilation plant with energy recovery and cooling via CCT (concrete core tempering). The outcome of this new technical features are twice, an outrageous indoor comfort and a quantum change in energy consumption. A mean guaranteed temperature of 25 °C, 60 % humidity, and a full and smooth supply with fresh air provides excellent and healthy indoor conditions for the staff. For saving valuable fresh water the rain water will be stored in cisterns and will be used for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

Proven by dynamic building simulation, this innovative design solution by pos architects will have a total energy demand reduction of 85% compared to a standard Jakarta office building, which is equivalent to a reduction of CO2 emissions per year of 73 tons. Further the 96 m2 Photovoltaic generator on roof top will cover 22% of annual electric power demand. So altogether Austria is building a New Embassy as an innovative approach to climate friendly architecture for hot and humid climates.

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