The Steering Group of the National Action Plan for Integration

The Steering Group shall coordinate the work at the National Action Plan for Integration. It was the task of the Steering Group to develop common measures for the National Action Plan for Integration on the basis of the NAP white paper.

Members of the Steering Group

The Steering Group was comprised of representatives of the following institutions, organisations and NGOs:

Federal Chancellery
Federal Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs
Federal Ministry of Finance
Federal Minister in the Federal Chancellery for Women's Issues and Civil Service
Federal Ministry of Health
Federal Ministry of Home Affairs
Federal Ministry of Justice
Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports
Federal Ministry of Education, The Arts and Culture
Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
Federal Ministry of Science and Research
Provincial Government Burgenland
Provincial Government Carinthia
Provincial Government Lower Austria
Provincial Government Upper Austria
Provincial Government Salzburg
Provincial Government Styria
Provincial Government Tyrol
Provincial Government Vorarlberg
Provincial Government Vienna
Association of Austrian Local Authorities
Association of Austrian Cities
Austrian Chamber of Labour
Federation of Industry
Austrian Chamber of Agriculture
Austrian Federation of Trade Unions
Austrian Chamber of Economy
Caritas Austria
Evangelical Deaconate
Austrian Relief Agency
Austrian Red Cross
Volkshilfe Austria