National Action Plan for Integration

With the National Action Plan (NAP) for Integration all integration policies of Provincial Governments, Local Authorities, Cities, Social Partners and the Federation were successfully pooled for the first time. For the very reason, that integration is a cross-sectional matter, the corresponding framework conditions can only be created by cooperating with all stakeholders involved. The Action Plan is the result of a comprehensive work process including – in addition to the Federal Ministries involved - all Federal Provinces, the Associations of Austrian Local Authorities and Cities, the Social Partners, the Federation of Industry and organisations from civil society. In parallel, discussions were held concerning individual fields of action both with 150 national and international experts and with migrants' organisation and citizens. These expert discussions concerning the seven fields of action of the NAP took place between 2008 and late 2009.

The NAP for Integration is supposed to provide a structured platform for nation-wide cooperation of all involved stakeholders for successful integration measures and optimise their implementation. In addition to general guidelines for integration policies, the NAP covers challenges, principles and objectives in the following fields of action in a profound manner: language and education, work and employment, rule of law and values, health and social issues, intercultural dialogue, sports and recreation, as well as living and the regional dimension of integration.

In order to achieve a sustainable and optimised implementation of the National Action Plan for Integration, an Integration Panel shall be established in the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs with the participation of all cooperation partners. On the basis of the integration indicators developed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinz Fassmann (University Vienna) the process of integration is to be analysed continuously. Subsequently, measures for optimising the entire cross-sectional matter will be proposed.

"With the National Action Plan for Integration we have developed a future programme for social peace in Austria. I see the Action Plan as a framework for a sustainable process through which we can continuously address emerging new challenges. We can only win by doing so, because: Successful integration of migrants is a key factor for strengthening social peace and prosperity", said Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

You can download the Report on the National Action Plan for Integration and the integration indicators at the links below.