Integration Act

The Integration Act sets basic conditions for the successful integration of persons without Austrian nationality who are legally resident in Austria into the Austrian society by providing a wide range of integration measures. In order to ensure social cohesion and social harmony, clear rules are needed. Guiding principle of the Integration Act is that people will not be judged by their origin but by their willingness to contribute to the Austrian society. Integration through effort is achieved if an individual has a sufficient command of German to participate in working life, take part in training and further education and interact with public authorities, is able to earn one’s living, and acknowledges and respects the Austrian and European systems of laws and values underlying the rule of law.

This involves in particular measures in the fields of language and conveyance of values. In addition to the offer of integration measures, the active participation of the respective target group and the successful completion of the measures offered are necessary. Therefore, the Integration Act determines a continuous and compulsory system of German courses and values and orientation courses by defining a mandatory declaration of integration, uniform quality standards throughout Austria for a uniform integration exam as well as penalties and improved controls. Furthermore, the Integration Act increases transparency by the implementation of an integration monitoring system.

Together with the Integration Act, the national parliament passed the Anti-Face-Covering Act, which prohibits the full-face veil in public places, as well as the prohibition of the distribution of writings by problematic groups.

The Integration Act in English is available for download. The Anti-Face-Covering Act in English may be found on