Integration Act

The Integration Act follows two main objectives: On the one hand, the rapid and successful integration of persons residing legally in Austria into the Austrian society by providing a variety of integration measures for the individual groups of persons and their successful integration process. This involves in particular measures in the fields of language and conveyance of values - two basic pillars for a successful integration process. For a process that goes both ways, in addition to the offer of integration measures, the active participation of the respective target group and the successful completion of the measures offered are necessary.

By the second purpose pursued by the act, a foundation for cross-institutional cooperation should be created and the responsibilities in the scope of language- and orientation-related measures should be clarified for those entitled to asylum and subsidiary protection. The amendments to the Asylum Act create for asylum seekers, who have according to experience a high probability of recognition, a basis for granting integration assistance. This creates the framework for a unified and coordinated approach to integration-related activities and defines integration standards.

With the Integration Act, the Anti-Face-Covering Act and the Supplement to the Road Traffic Regulation clear rules are created to ensure social cohesion and peace.