Integration in Austria

Integration is a comprehensive, long-term process that takes place in all areas of life. The goal is to provide framework conditions for “integration through achievement”, i.e. a system where people are not judged on their origin, language, religion or culture, but solely by what they are willing  to contribute to Austria. To achieve this, it is essential to promote, demand and acknowledge merit so that all citizens are able to participate fully in Austrian society.

Together with strong partners - for instance the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), the Expert Council for Integration and the Advisory Committee on Integration- important steps in this direction have been taken, which are reflected in the annual Reports on Integration: The adoption of the Austrian Integration Act, the implementation of Values and Orientation Courses, simplified recognition procedures for qualifications acquired abroad through the Recognition and Assessment Act, the promotion of German language-learning in early childhood, the adoption of the Austrian Islam Law, the amendment of the Citizenship Act, to name just a few.

All these integration measures are based on the principle that integration is a reciprocal  process that demands efforts from both migrants as well as the majority society. As integration affects all of us, it is a challenge addressed to society as a whole, to ensure our peaceful, shared existence in a society at ease with its diversity.

This website also contains information on the ÖIF, the Austrian Integration Act, the recognition process for professional qualifications, citizenship, project funding, publications and events.