Working in Austria

Residence Title

Persons who want to work in Austria need a valid residence title including working permit.

Working Holiday Programme

Austria has concluded an agreement with Hong Kong regarding a "Working Holiday Programme" to allow young people in the context of a cultural or tourist trip  to enter into a limited working relationship and also use education facilities in the respective country.

Applies only for passport holders issued by Hong Kong SAR.


  • between 18 - 30

Duration of stay:

  • up to 12 months (not allowed to work for more than six months; cumulative duration of study courses not more than six months)


  • The national visa application can be submitted at the Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong


  • € 100 (for a stay of more than 90 days; Visa D – WHP)

Qualifying requirements:

  • completed visa application form
  • 2 biometric passport picturer (according to ICAO regulations) valid passport of Hongkong (valid for at least three months after the last day of validity of the applied visa)
  • sufficient medical and travel insurance for the entire period of the stay (minimum cover € 30,000)
  • sufficient and reasonable financial resources to cover expenses incurred at the beginning of the stay
  • proof of reservation for a roundtrip ticket