Associations representing Austrians abroad

Data on associations abroad with links to Austria is managed by the Auslandösterreicher-Weltbund (AÖWB) in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. Information on the individual associations of Austrians abroad (listed by country in alphabetical order) can be obtained from the AÖWB database using the search function.

The Auslandsösterreicher-Weltbund (AÖWB)

Founded on 1 January 2003, the Auslandsösterreicher-Weltbund (AÖWB, World Federation of Austrians Abroad) is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of and acting as a service organisation for associations of Austrians established abroad. The AÖWB was set up by merging the "Auslandsösterreicherwerk" and the "Weltbund der Österreicher im Ausland" and assumed the tasks of these two organisations.

The AÖWB also includes the Austrian "Roundtables Zentraleuropa" and "Austrian Councils" in North America. AÖWB members include associations of Austrians and associations of friends of Austria abroad as well as individual Austrians who live abroad and Austrians at heart who may have difficulties forming an association or joining an existing membership association.


Gustav Chlestil is President of the AÖWB and Irmgard Helperstorfer holds the office of Secretary-General.

The AÖWB also publishes ROTWEISSROT, the quarterly magazine for Austrians abroad. is a community platform and a global network for Austrians at home and abroad as well as for friends of Austria. Active participation enables you to maintain global contacts, share news and views and keep informed about events in Austria and around the world.


Postgasse 6/2, 1010 Vienna 
Tel: +43 1 533 5224, +43 1 533 5286
Fax: +43 1 533 52249
Email Office Wien
Email Office Graz
Email Rot-Weiss-Rot 

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (Burgenland Community) was established as an association in 1956. It aims to maintain and strengthen the ties of all natives of Burgenland worldwide with their home province. The association organises trips and visits, publishes the periodical magazine “Burgenländische Gemeinschaft”, provides personal services and represents the interests of the natives of Burgenland in Austria.

The association is headed by President Walter Dujmovits.

The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft is based in Güssing, which was designated by the province government as the “city of natives of Burgenland abroad” in 1996. The association maintains branch offices in the USA, in Canada, Australia, South Africa and Switzerland.


Burgenländische Gemeinschaft
Hauptplatz 7, 7540 Güssing
Tel: +43 3322 42598
Fax: +43 3322 42133