Chairmanship Team

The Permanent Representation of Austria to the OSCE, led by the Permanent Representative Ambassador Clemens Koja, and the department in charge of OSCE affairs at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, headed by Ambassador Florian Raunig, will be responsible for carrying out Chairmanship activities. 

The Permanent Representation of Austria to the OSCE is responsible for the political aspects of OSCE-related activities, including, for instance, consultations with the Permanent Representations of other participating States. Other tasks performed by the Permanent Representation of Austria include representing Austria in the numerous OSCE bodies, including at the weekly meetings of the Permanent Council or in the Forum for Security Cooperation.

The department in charge of OSCE affairs at the Austrian Foreign Ministry is responsible for representing Austria’s interests and positions within the OSCE. In order to facilitate the best possible implementation of the goals and tasks of the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship 2017, this department acts as a Task Force coordinating all matters related to the Austrian Chairmanship during this year. The Task Force is also entrusted with all matters related to communication with the foreign ministries of the other participating States of the OSCE.

Ambassador Clemens Koja: Head of the Permanent Representation of Austria to the OSCE in Vienna

Ambassador Clemens Koja

Clemens Koja was born on 19 July 1960 in Vienna. Raised and educated in Vienna and later in Salzburg, where he finished a classical gymnasium in 1978, he served in the Austrian army as a reserve officer. From 1979 -1983 Koja studied law at the Universities of Salzburg and Vienna, obtaining a Dr.iur. In the following years he studied Catholic theology in Rome and Salzburg, obtaining a Master’s degree in 1993. In 1989 he joined the Austrian Foreign Service; his first postings abroad were at the Austrian Embassies in Warsaw, Rome and the Vatican. In the Foreign Ministry he worked mostly in the Southern European Department, of which he was the Director between 2003 and 2008. Later he served as Deputy Head of Mission in Madrid and as Ambassador in Belgrade (2008-12) and Ljubljana (2012-16). Since 6 July 2016 he is the Permanent Representative of Austria to the OSCE.

Ambassador Florian Raunig: Head of the OSCE Task Force

Ambassador Florian Raunig

Florian Raunig was born on 7 January 1967 in Basel. In 1986 he finished the classical gymnasium in Munich and then studied political science, philosophy and law at the University of Vienna. In 1997 he joined the newly-established OSCE Presence in Albania, setting up the first Field Office as well as the Border Observation Team in Northern Albania. Thereafter, he headed the Austrian Development Co-operation Offices in Tirana and Skopje and worked for the Delegation of the European Commission in Tirana. After joining the Austrian Foreign Ministry in 2002 he served in the Ministry’s department for the EU, at the Austrian Embassy in Ljubljana and in the Austrian Development Agency. He served as Austrian Ambassador to Montenegro (2007-2009) and to Albania (2009-2013) and as the Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania (2013-2016). Since 6 July 2016 he heads the Task Force for the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship 2017.


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