Austria Libraries Abroad

The Austria Libraries Abroad, established since 1989 at currently 63 locations in over 25 countries, most of them in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Region and Central Asia, represent culture and information points of Austria’s international cultural policy.

The Austria Libraries Abroad are operated in partnership with local institutions in the respective host countries (libraries and universities) and are typically set up in cities with no Austrian representation. They offer information about Austrian culture (books, videos, newspapers, periodicals, access to online media) to the scientific community and the general local public and facilitate cooperation with Austrian Cultural Institutions in the respective host country.

While the partners in the host country provide the staff and the infrastructure, the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs acts as “content provider”, supplying a basic stock of books, procuring budgets for annual book purchases, granting scholarships to the local staff as well as to scholars working with and advising the Austrian Libraries to enable them to attend training seminars organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs as well as research activities in Austrian archives.

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