Austria maintains diplomatic relations with all 48 European states and is represented with embassies in 39 of them. 45 European states have representations in Vienna. From the foreign policy point of view, membership in the EU is of particular importance for Austria today.

This is the reason why the Austrian embassies based in the other EU Member States have had to assume new and additional tasks beside their traditional, classical ambassadorial work. Although an important part of the workload is handled by the Austrian representation in Brussels, the embassies play a substantial role as hubs and lobbying centres for Austrian interests. Their direct access to decision-makers in the EU partner countries has proved to be a sine qua non in terms of preparatory and follow-up work on EU plans and projects.

Apart from being a Member State of the European Union, Austria is represented in a large number of other important multi-lateral European institutions, such as the OSCE and the Council of Europe. In the field of security cooperation, Austria participates in NATO’s Partnership for Peace programme.