Logo Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

I am proud that my country made a major contribution to bring about this landmark Convention and is again playing a leading role. For Austria the humanitarian dimension is fundamental in its foreign policy. Therefore Austria attaches great importance to all spheres of mine action including victim assistance, a task that will remain even after we will have cleared and destroyed the last anti-personnel mines.

I invite you to join us at the 16MSP in Vienna and outline together the next steps to achieve the full implementation of the Convention.

About the event

Between the 18 and 21 of December, the 16th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction (Ottawa Convention) will take place in Vienna, Austria.

This Meeting is carried out in accordance with article 11 of the Convention and in agreement with the Conferences of States Parties in charge of reviewing the Convention.

In its capacity as President of the 16th Meeting of States Parties (16MSP), Austria aims to provide an inclusive space for reflection open to all: States Parties and non-Parties, Civil Society, international organizations, the private sector, and all others holding an interest in securing the aim of the 2014 Maputo Action Plan: A World Free of Mines by 2025.

All actors involved in the process of demining, international cooperation, assistance to victims and other issues relevant to the Ottawa Convention should assess the status of their obligations pursuant to the Convention, and help develop new and innovative ideas/guidelines to ensure its comprehensive implementation.

For Austria, this Convention serves as a cornerstone of International Humanitarian Law, Disarmament, and Human Security. Austria attaches great importance to guaranteeing victim assistance, even after we hopefully will have attained our common aim of a mine-free World by 2025.

As States Parties we have committed to work for the prohibition of all activities related to antipersonnel mines, with the aim of protecting not only our national securities, but importantly, global human security as well. Here at the 16MSP, at the 20th jubilee of the opening for signature, we have the opportunity to meet and outline the next steps to achieve world free of antipersonnel mines. A focus on international security, based in the protection of individuals, without discrimination, will serve as the underlying theme of the national Presidency for this Convention.