Austria's European and Foreign Policy

In comparison with other sectors Foreign and European policy requires more flexibility and rapid reaction to current developments and crises. The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs also ensures that in the long run Austrian interests and values are well represented on a European and global level. This requires a foreign and European policy with a visible and durable form where all Austrian stakeholders are included.

The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, therefore, continuously pursues the following key aspects:

  • We support the Southeastern European countries on their way towards the European Union  

    The extension of the European area of security and prosperity to our neighbours in Southeastern Europe contributes to the promotion of Austrian interests in a region Austria already maintains close links with. Not integrating these countries into the EU would bring additional costs and more disadvantages than benefits for Austria.

  • We participate in shaping the European Union and its relations with the world in the interest of Austria 

    20 years of membership in the European Union have had a strong impact on Austria’s foreign and European policy and offered new opportunities of influence within and outside Europe. Austria has so far succeeded well in mobilizing European partners for its interests. This requires a networked and active engagement by all Austrian stakeholders. With its coordinating functions in the Austrian federal government the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign serves as the main interface.
  • We position ourselves as international bridge builder and as place for dialogue

    Vienna is one of the most prominent seats for international organizations and as such an important hub for the promotion of peace, security and sustainable development. Vienna, thus, is also an international meeting-place we actively use in order to build bridges for dialogue. Dialogue as a foreign policy tool is worldwide a concern to us, especially when dialogue can contribute to build trust and secure peace between cultures and regions. By building trust and peace through dialogue we are in a much better position to promote a global order, based on international law and human rights and to advocate for a world without weapons of mass destruction.
  • We serve as a worldwide service centre for Austrians

    An increasing number of Austrians traveling and living abroad and an increase in international crisis regions require a closely meshed emergency network for Austrians. Citizen-centred services are therefore constantly expanded and adapted, whether by new means of cooperation with other Austrian stakeholders or due to modern electronic service offers.
  • We increasingly network with the business representatives in order to pursue more interlinked foreign and economic policy interests

    The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs pursues an active foreign policy for the exporting country Austria ranging from business partnerships in the development cooperation to the new “Business Support Service”. The global network of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs with 100 representations can act as a door opener for Austrian companies wishing to access new markets, provides local support and advocates corresponding international framework conditions for Austrian companies.