Longer stays abroad

Prior to moving abroad or when planning a longer stay abroad it is recommended that you obtain information from the relevant foreign representation in Austria regarding permits and documents required by the respective host country. Otherwise one may arrive at the host destination and find that it is not possible to take up the planned studies or employment due to lack of such permits and might even risk having to travel back to Austria. Special regulations also apply to au-pair stays; generally the required visa must be acquired before leaving Austria.

The provision of quick and effective support to Austrians who reside abroad for a longer period of time requires prior contact with relevant Austrian embassies and consulates-general. Information about the stay and contact details can be provided to the respective representation authority by electronic registration, email, fax or in a personal visit. It should include precise details about the length of the stay and the place of residence abroad, the arrival and departure dates, contact details and telephone numbers abroad and/or contact details of relatives in Austria to be informed in case of emergency.

Although such registration with the relevant Austrian representation authority abroad is by no means mandatory, it is definitely in your personal interest and can also ensure the efficient provision of assistance in case of emergency or in a crisis situation.

In many states local Austrians have formed associations whose contact details can also be provided by the Austrian representation authorities.