Emergencies abroad

  • Issue of an emergency passport to Austrian citizens who have lost their original passport.
  • Information on and/or assistance in raising the necessary funds
  • Granting a loan for the trip back home. This repatriation loan for low-cost return travel to Austria is granted against the beneficiaries’ repayment obligation in cases where Austrians find themselves in difficulties through no fault of their own. Such a loan against later repayment is, however, only granted to individuals who are registered in a legally valid manner with the registration authorities in Austria
  • Informing relatives in case of accident or death
  • The provision of non-binding contact details for doctors, hospitals, lawyers and translators
  • Support in organising the repatriation transport of sick, injured and deceased Austrians
  • Informing relatives and arranging for lawyers at the cost of detainees as well as visiting Austrian citizens in prison
  • Intervention in case of inadequate conditions of imprisonment (prison cell, food, medical care)
  • Initiating the search for missing persons
  • Forwarding urgent messages to affected persons and their relatives
  • Paying hotel costs, financial fines or hospital costs, financing the remaining holiday following the loss of money, acting as a bank, travel agency, health insurance or postal office for poste restante letters and packages, detective office or job centre, providing funding for bail payments and lawyer’s fees
  • Issuing passports at airports, assistance upon entry into a country when a passport’s validity has expired and/or there is no valid visa
  • Ensuring better treatment in hospitals or prisons
  • Criminal investigations, intervening in ongoing legal procedures or giving instructions to local authorities, providing legal counselling, acting as a lawyer or representing parties in legal proceedings
  • Assuming the costs for search and rescue missions which are invoiced by local authorities
  • Assuming the costs for repatriation of deceased persons or the expenses for local funerals 

The Austrian representation authorities are required by law to charge consular fees for certain official acts and to demand compensation for cash expenses incurred.

In cooperation with the Austrian diplomatic missions abroad, the Citizens' Desk at the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs assists Austrian citizens in emergencies abroad, always acting in line with the applicable laws of the state of residence or the host state. The diplomatic missions abroad have no police powers and cannot issue instructions to the authorities of the host country. For certain official acts there is a legal obligation to levy consular fees and to demand reimbursement for the cash expenses incurred. 

Consular protection starts when the affected persons have exhausted all means of self-help and cannot expect assistance from third parties. Depending on the time required for the individual case, some assistance services may – under certain conditions – also be limited in scope and time. In conflict areas, especially in those without local Austrian representation authorities or when a travel warning has been issued, the provision of consular services to Austrian citizens in emergency situations may be very limited or virtually impossible.

In  case of emergency, the Citizens' Desk or the emergency service desk at the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs can be reached on +43 1 90115-4411 around the clock. General inquiries will be answered during office hours on work days between 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on +43 1 90115-3775.


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