Entry Permits (Visa)

Please note that the Austrian Embassy does not charge fees for visa appointments. Any visa fees will be charged on the day of your appointment. Please refrain from calling or emailing the embassy if the information is present in Visa C & D checklists and/or on our website. Such calls or emails will not be answered! Thank you for your cooperation!

If you wish to stay in Austria for up to 90 days within a 6 months period or transit via Austria, and if you do not attempt to work in Austria, a Schengen visa is required. The Schengen visa does also entitle to enter other Schengen countries for tourist, business or visitor purposes.

List of Schengen countries

Please note: All applications must be submitted in person by appointment only. Please make sure that your application is complete when coming to your appointment.

You may not apply more than three months before your intended date of travel. Your application will generally be processed within 15 business days.

Where do I submit my Visa applications?

Only applications from residents of Canada (Permanent residents, persons holding a Canadian student visa or work permit) can be accepted. Applications from persons holding long-term visitor’s visa can only be accepted, if you can prove that it was not possible to apply in your home country.

Book your appointment with the Austrian Embassy here.

Do I need a visa?

Please note that both your nationality (= citizenship) and the passport you hold determine whether you require a visa or whether you can travel visa-free. To determine whether you need a visa check here.

Further documentation may be required on a case-to-case basis!

Please Note Since the information on our website is constantly updated, please refrain from calling to re-confirm the listed requirements by telephone. We value your cooperation.