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As of February, 19th 2018 Visa-Applications will be received at the VFS Global Austria Visa Application Centre in

Amman Sweifieh, Galleria Mall, 4th floor.


Application Submission:

Sun – Thurs (Except on public holidays) 09:00-15:00 hrs

Passport collection:

Sun– Thurs (Except on public holidays) 15:00-17:00 hrs

Helpline (from 09:00 to 16:00): 06 400 1004 / 079 79 22221,


The general requirements remain the same!




Welcome to the Visa Section of the Austrian Embassy in Amman!

Our intention is to enlighten you as precisely as possible on the subject: Visas.

You will find information relevant to applying for a Schengen visa, as well as general information about visa procedures, costs involved, and the steps necessary for your specific case.


Austria is a Schengen Member

Jordanian and Iraqi citizens require either a visa or a residence permit in order to travel to Austria.

If you have a different nationality, please inquire at the Embassy whether you require a visa to travel to Austria.

Iraqi citizens can alternatively apply for their visa at the VAC (Visa Application Centre) ERBIL.

The Visa-Informationsystem (VIS) in practice

When a visa applocation is lodged,the visa applicant's biometric data (10-digit finger scans and digital photograph) is collected. It is a simple and discreet procedure that only takes a few minutes. Biometric data, along with the data provided in the visa application form, is recorded in a secure central database.

10-digit finger scans are neither required from children under the age of 12 nor from people who physically cannotprovide finger print scans.

Once finger print scans are stored in the VIS, they can be re-used for further visa applications over a five-yaer period.

The visa holder's finger scans may be compared against those in the database at the Schengen Area's external borders. A mismatch will lead to further checks on the traveller's identity.

Consular Fees

The consular fee for C type visa (short stay) for citizens of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Iraq amounts to EUR 60,00 (for children 6-12 years is EUR 35,00, no visa fee for children under the age of 6) submitted in JOD (see information board at the Embassy).

The consular fee is a processing fee, to be paid upon handing in the application. It is non-refundable even in the case of refusal.

Further Information 

Electronic Letter of Guarantee (Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung)

Any host (private and corporate) can sign a letter of guarantee for his/her guest at the competent district authority or the aliens police.

The host declares and propfs that he/she is capable of inviting the applicant and declares his/her liability. The letter of guarantee will be forwarded to the Embassy electronically.

The host would be given an EVE ID number which can be forwarded to the applicant.