The following information is intended for all Third Country nationalities (such as Jordanian and Iraqi nationals), who are planning for a long-term stay in Austria.

Related information can be obtained from the concerned Austrian authorities. These authorities are classified according to the intended place of residence in Austria.

First-time applications for residence permits are generally to be applied for in the homeland, before travelling to Austria.

The residence title is issued either as a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) or as a settlement permit (Niederlassungsbewilligung), according to the purpose of stay in Austria.

A certified German or English translation should be attached to foreign documents.

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Working in Austria

Jordanian and Iraqi citizens require a work permit and a residence permit for any kind of work in Austria, including au-pair jobs.

  • The work permit must be applied for by the future employer in Austria before the applicant travels to Austria (the so-called ‘Einzelsicherungsbescheinigung’.
  • The work permit is not granted during visits to Austria.
  • The Embassy cannot mediate vacancies available in Austria.


The foreign labour law regulates precise conditions and procedures related to the acquisition of work permits (Einzelsicherungsbescheinigung), which a foreigner needs in order to work in Austria. These work permits are issued exclusively by the Austrian Labour Market Service (Arbeitsmarktservice). The necessary permit is applied for by the Austrian employer.

The administration of the Austrian labour market is striving to limit foreign employment to its current status quo, in order to open up additional posts for residents, young foreigners of the 2nd generation and jobless foreigners of the older generation, who have been living in Austria for a long time.

The Austrian Labour Market Service offers a wide-ranging job data bank (E-Job-Room) and Tips for Job Search, as well as a detailed ‘link list’ to public and private personnel and job mediators for a successful job search.

Red-White-Red Card

Austria has introduced a flexible new immigration scheme: the Red-White-Red Card. It aims to facilitate the immigration of qualified third-country workers and their families with a view to permanent settlement in Austria, based on personal and labour-market related criteria.

Further Information can be found on the Federal Government‘s official website on migration to Austria.

Research in Austria

Under the following link, you can find various information in connection with stays in Austria for the purpose of research.