Handy-Signatur (mobile phone signature)

Your virtual ID and your personal signature in the Internet

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Expanding its range of digital services, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs set up registration centres for activating "Handy-Signatur" (mobile phone signature) at eight Austrian representation authorities within Europe. 

By activating the ‘Handy-Signatur’ function, you can turn your mobile phone into a virtual ID card for your unique identification in the Internet. This enables you to use numerous electronic services provided by Austrian authorities, public entities and private suppliers. Using secure internet connections you can conduct transactions with public authorities (such as issuance of official documents, entry in the voters’ register, applying for an absentee voting ballot, filing of tax returns or pension applications etc.) very conveniently from home or when travelling. You can use the signature function to electronically sign documents, such as invoices, in a recognised legally valid manner throughout the EU.

The benefits of "Handy-Signatur" (mobile phone signature) at a glance

  1. Quick and user-friendly contacts with authorities and easy use of a wide range of e-services provided by businesses
  2. Signing documents comfortably in an electronic and legally valid manner 
  3. High security standards and free of charge
  4. Possible whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection 

How to get your mobile phone signature

Please come in person and bring your mobile phone and your Austrian passport or ID card

  • to the Austrian embassies/consulates-general in 

Berlin       Bern         Brussels      London          
Madrid     Milan        Munich       Stockholm  

and provide the mobile telephone number registered with an Austrian or foreign mobile network provider

  • and provide the mobile telephone number registered with an Austrian mobile network provider.

If there is no registration centre at your closest representation authority, please contact us and let us know that you are interested in having a mobile phone signature. If there is sufficient demand, we will seek to provide such a service as quickly as possible.