Provision of official documents

Austrian civil status documents

On 1 November 2014, the national electronic Civil Status and Citizenship Register was introduced in line with the new Civil Status Act (Personenstandsgesetz, PStG 2013).

The Austrian representation authorities are thus now entitled to issue civil status documents (birth, marriage, death and partnership certificates) based on this register.

It will, however, take some time until the full changeover to the new register is completed and thus longer handling periods are currently to be expected.

A newly introduced requirement under the 2013 Civil Status Act is mandatory notification of any changes effected abroad (i.e. name change, marriage, divorce) to general civil status data processed in line with the Civil Status Act. The act does, however, not provide for a deadline for meeting this requirement. The notification of a child’s birth is not covered by this notification obligation.

Furthermore, the law also provides for the right of access to information regarding one’s own data saved in Central Civil Status Register.

Application forms for having a civil status document issued or for requests for information can be found on the right hand side under "Downloads".

Provision of official documents from abroad

ll documents from abroad generally have to be provided by the persons who require these documents either themselves or by relatives, friends or other persons of trust.

If this is not possible, Austrian nationals and stateless persons (who have their residence in Austria) may apply for the provision of foreign civil status documents (birth, marriage, death certificates) either directly from the relevant Austrian representation authority (no form required) or from the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (for the required form, please see: "Downloads").

NB: The provision of documents is a service provided by the representation authority. There is thus no legal entitlement to such a service.