Loss of passport

If you have reported a passport as lost or stolen and later find it, please do not use it again. Travel documents that have been reported as stolen or lost are registered as missing and even if this registration in the search database is revoked, a person using such a document may encounter difficulties or will not be allowed to enter a country.

Passports are sometimes lost or stolen when abroad. Apart from the inconvenience caused and the related problems for the traveller, the issue of an emergency passport by the Austrian representation authorities may sometimes take longer than the traveller expects. Whatever the reason for such losses – simple misfortune or, for instance, a mugging or robbery – the Austrian representation authority always strives to assist as fast as possible but does of course require the full cooperation of the affected parties.

In many countries (for instance, the EU Member States) a valid ID document can be used instead of a passport for the return trip to Austria. Other countries, especially those outside of Europe, require a valid passport in combination with a declaration of theft/loss made out by the relevant authority in order to be able to check in at an airport and/or embark on the journey back to Austria without any problems. In urgent cases the professional Austrian representation authorities (embassies, consulates-general) are entitled to issue emergency passports (ordinary passports issued in the case of such an event). Such emergency passports are exclusively issued for the return journey to Austria.

When a passport is lost or stolen in a destination in which Austria has no representation authority, travellers may contact an EU embassy to request issue of an Emergency Travel Document (ETD). A direct return journey to Austria is generally possible using such an ETD. Attention must however be drawn to the fact that the issue of an ETD might take some time. It is therefore generally recommended that you make direct contact with the closest Austrian representation authority as soon as possible. In order to enable quick handling of cases of passport loss or theft, travellers are advised to take the following precautions (especially when travelling to non-EU Member States):

  • Make photocopies of your passport (data page) and any important documents and carry them separately from the original documents (or save them to a virtual datastore on the internet. Note: Please also make a photocopy of the entry stamp in your passport once you have entered a country. In case of passport loss/theft this is often the only way to obtain the entry stamp at a later date.
  • Have the telephone number and address of the nearest Austrian representation authority to hand. In case of emergency, staff on-call at the Austrian professional representation authorities (embassies and consulates general) can be reached 24/7.
  • When travelling take at least two current passport photos with you and keep them with the copies of other important documents.
  • File a loss or theft report with the relevant authorities and keep a certified copy of the report
  • Contact the nearest Austrian representation authority. File a passport application and submit the required documents and the passport photographs. Note: It may be helpful to forward the most important documents (such as the copy of the original passport and the photo) by email to the Austrian representation prior to attending a personal appointment at the representation’s office
  • Having taken all the legally required steps (e.g. checks with the authorities in Austria etc.), the embassy or consulate-general will issue the emergency passport and hand it over to the party or send it via an honorary consulate.
  • Completed application form/application form for minors. Note: Forms are also available from the Austrian representation authorities
  • 1 passport photo (portrait style 35 x 45 mm) not older than six months meeting the required criteria for passport photographs
  • Official identification document with photograph (ID card, driving licence, official service card, etc.), copy of the original passport and/or a person who can testify the party’s identity (needs to provide an official identification document so that his/her identity can be checked).

The fee to be paid for the issue of an Austrian emergency passport (valid max. 1 year) is € 76 worldwide.