Cultural Forum

The Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv is the cultural representation of Austria in Israel and the Palestinian territories and is an integral part of the worldwide network of 29 official Cultural Fora of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.  

The Cultural Forum is part of the Austrian Embassy, but acts as an autonomous and independent institution to the outside world. As an interface between Austrian artists and local institutions and partners, the Cultural Forum promotes cultural contacts, supports artists and scientists in the implementation of various projects and offers organizational, practical and financial assistance.

Platform for cultural exchange

The Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv serves as a platform for cultural, artistic and scientific exchange between Austria and Israel. Located in the premises of the Austrian Embassy  Tel Aviv, the ACF Tel Aviv is dedicated to a wide range of activities, like music, literature and film, or architecture, painting and photography. In addition, the enhancement  of contacts with universities and research institutions, also in the framework of individual projects, is the second major task of the Cultural Forum. 

The work of the Austrian Cultural Forum focuses on the implementation and support of cultural and scientific projects in collaboration with Israeli institutions and partners. In this context, emphasis  is given to Austria’s cultural heritage and to a modern, open-minded and multi-layered image of Austria. The Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv strives to contribute to positive developments through cultural and scientific cooperation. 

The Cultural Forum aims at addressing and involving both the older and the younger generation and at combining tradition with innovation. A vibrant network of local partners as well as the increasing involvement and usage  of social media is crucial to achieve these objectives.