Film Club of the Austrian Cultural Forum

The recently formed Film Club aims to showcase a broad range of primarily Austrian motion pictures, documentaries and short films, as well as contemporary and local movies.The Austrian film has a long film history, which has produced some famous directors and movie stars and has also developed a highly creative, independent film production scene. It has attracted a lot of international attention in the last years, with several Oscar nominations and Oscar winners such as Stefan Ruzowitzky’s ‘The Counterfeiters’ or Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’.


Upcoming Film Screenings

For upcoming filmscreenigns please check our calendar of events or click on the posters below.

Past Film Screenings

Anna Martinez’s adaptation of the Austrian classic novel by Arthur Schnitzler "Fräulein Else" transcends space and time. It was the winner of the German Film Critics Award 2014 for best feature film debut and nominated for several other awards.

The Dark Valley_1

"Das finstere Tal" (The Dark Valley) is an Alpine Western, winner of the Austrian Film Award 2015 and Austria's entry for the 2014 Foreign Language Oscars. It plays in a remote high mountain valley towards the end of the 19th century.

"Der stille Berg" (The Silent Mountain) is a love story set in the Dolomite Mountains at the outbreak of WWI between Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1915. The highly acclaimed war drama has been shown in over 60 countries and impressed audiences at the Pune International Film Festival 2015. 

Servus Ishq_Filmstill1

"Servus Ishq" is the eventful and touching love story of Maya, who travels from India to Austria, where she meets Jay. Director Sandeep Kumar created a new genre of Austro-Bollywood with this movie set in the mountains of Tyrol and the streets of Vienna and narrated in Bollywood style.

Revanche Movie Poster

"Revanche" (Revenge), a suspenseful tale of love, thievery, murder and revenge by Götz Spielmann.The tenseful drama/thriller was the Austrian candidate for the 2009 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The Bonny and Clyde-couple Alex and Tamara (a gofer in Vienna's red-light district and of the whores there) wants to start a new life and rob a bank. As they escape, a shot is fired and Tamara dies. Alex sets out to take revenge for his lover's death. REVANCHE goes from the turbulent city to tranquil nature, from summer to autumn, from longing and guilt to the chance for reconciliation.

Breathing - Filmstill

"Atmen" (Breathing), the directorial debut film by award-winning Austrian actor Karl Markovics was shown at the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi and travelled throughout India as part of the European Union Film Festival 2014 "Voices of Youth". The inspiring movie shows how 19-year old Roman who lives in a young offender‘s institution finds an unconventional job in a funeral home which shows him the path back to life.

The counterfeiters - movie poster

Written and directed by award-winning Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky, "Die Fälscher" (The Counterfeiters) was the winner of the 2008 Academy Award - Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It tells the true story of Salomon Sorowitsch, a counterfeiter extraordinaire and bohemian. After getting arrested in a German concentration camp in 1944, he agrees to help the Nazis in an organized counterfeit operation set up to help finance the war effort.


"Kuma" - The Second Wife. The Austrian film 'Kuma was screened in Kathmandu as part of the European Union Film Festival in Nepal with the topic "Celebrating Women". Director Umut Dag's quiet drama tells the story of a village girl from the Turkish countryside and her life as a second wife in Vienna, Austria and the friendship evolving between the two women. The film was nominated for best debut film at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival 2012.

Mann Faeeri Filmscreening

"Mann Faqeeri - A Journey through Kashmiri Sufiyana Music". An evening by the Austrian Cultural Forum Film Club which showcased a special documentary on Sufi music in the Kashmir region. The film was introduced by director M.K. Raina, who was also available for an interesting Q&A session with the audience after the film.