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MoU between Austrian Science Fund and Indian Department of Science & Technology

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In October 2008 the bilateral agreement between Austria and India on science and technology cooperation (S&T Agreement) entered into force, lifting the relations in this area between the two countries to new heights. On the basis of this S&T Agreement, the First Open Call for Proposals was launched in early 2010, and 13 joint Austro-Indian research projects have been awarded funding in late 2010. In October 2011, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the Department of Science&Technology (DST) at the Indian Ministry of Sciene signed a Memorandum of Understanding for intensified cooperation under the bilateral Science&Technology Agreement. Henceforth, the FWF and the DST will offer regular Calls for Proposals for joint Austro-Indian basic research projects (substantive and mobility costs).

The 2015 Joint Call for proposals between the Department of Science and Technology, India (DST) and Austrian Science Fund, Austria (FWF) has been announced recently. Funding is available for Joint Research Projects in the area of non-profit oriented scientific research. For more information go to the website of the FWF

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

Euraxess Researchers in Motion

EURAXESS is a European web portal providing access to a wide range of information and support services for researchers wishing to pursue research careers in Europe. EURAXESS supports the mobility of researchers Europe-wide through a job database, service centres, information on research rights and international collaboration.

Euraxess Austria is a platform for research in Austria - online you find useful information for incoming and outgoing researchers, on research institutions and the R&I landscape in Austria, contacts and much more.

Euraxess Links India is a networking tool for European researchers working in India and Indian researchers wishing to collaborate and/or pursue a research career in Europe.

Existing cooperation between Austrian and Indian universities

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A number of Austrian and Indian universities entertain partnership agreements which present a commitment to intensified academic exchange as well as mobility of students and researchers - For information see the pdf on the right hand side.

If you have a specific query about which universities, departments and projects in Austria have local partners in South Asia, contact the Austrian Cultural Forum for details.

Austro-Indian cooperation in the field of conservation and museology

For many years, Austrian experts have worked with Indian counterparts to help preserve Indian cultural heritage. For example, Prof. Ebba Koch from the Institute of Art History, University of Vienna, serves as architectural advisor to the Taj Mahal Conservation Collaborative. Prof. Helmut Tauscher from the Institute for South Asian Studies, University of Vienna, supports the preservation of Buddhist Thangkas in northern India.

The culturally very significant Buddhist temple complex of Nako in the Western Himalayas has been restored by experts from the Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, under the directorship of Prof. Gabriela Krist.

As of 2011, the Department of Conservation and Restoration, University of Applied Arts Vienna and the National Museum Institute New Delhi have started a programme for mutual exchange of experience and capacity building in the field of conservation and museology. The programme includes past and future workshops for practicioners in Austria and India, student exchanges, the implementation of a case study project in India with the involvement of senior students. and common dissertation projects.