Vienna, 14 July 2014 Press release

Breaking the fast with Integration Minister Kurz

“Austria has long tradition as religion-friendly nation”

Vienna, 12 July 2014 – For the third time, Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz invited guests to what is by now the traditional breaking of the fast at the Palais Niederösterreich. In addition to Fuat Sanac, President of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria and many of its members, representatives of other churches and religious communities that are recognised in Austria were present, as were economic, cultural and political representatives.  

“Austria has a long tradition as a religious-friendly nation and a place of dialogue, and we feel committed to this tradition. Today, Muslims are an integral part of Austrian society, and we would like to illustrate this fact by breaking the fast together in this way. What counts is not our origin or religion, but what each one of us is prepared to do in and for Austria”, said Kurz.

In his speech, he also referred to the drafting of the new Act on Islam: “Half a million Muslims live in this country. In our government programme, we have agreed that the legal framework in Austria must reflect this reality and we are pressing for the speedy implementation of this plan”, said Kurz.

Kurz also touched upon the current situation in the Middle East. “Ramadan is a month of peace. The conflict can only be resolved by renouncing violence. Peace is possible”, the Minister insisted.

The Integration Minister also emphasised Austria’s pioneering role in the efforts to promote global freedom of religion, pointing out the important role of the Islamic Religious Community in this context. “Together, we will work towards this goal in the international organisations. Mutual respect is the basis for a peaceful coexistence”, Kurz concluded. 

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