Vienna, 3 January 2014 Press release

Three Wise Men Visit Austrian Foreign Ministry

Kurz impressed by commitment of Christian Carol Singers – 16 million euros for 500 projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa

Vienna, 3 January 2014 – "I am impressed by the commitment of the young people who dress up as the Three Wise Men and go carol singing during their winter holidays to collect money for charity projects", Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs and Integration, Sebastian Kurz, said on the occasion of the Christian Carol Singers' visit of the Foreign Ministry. Last year, the carol singers collected more than 16 million euros. "The carol singing of these children and teenagers is the expression of true solidarity. The considerable donations made during the "Dreikönigsaktion" are used to support aid projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America to improve the living conditions of the people in these continents", Kurz said.  

Joining ranks to achieve more

The work of the Dreikönigsaktion (DKA) has for many years also been supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation. "DKA projects pursue a partnership approach, similar to projects of Austrian Development Cooperation", the Foreign Minister said. "The Dreikönigsaktion is well established in the civil societies of the partner countries and ensures that funds are donated directly to the disadvantaged groups of their population." 

Calling for justice world-wide

The Christian Carol Singers initiative promotes sustainable development, fairer distribution of income and the respect of human rights in its 500 projects. It supports people in claiming their rights and shaping their future. In Nairobi, for example, girls living in the streets receive help in the form of food, a place to sleep and vocational training. A partner organisation of Dreikönigsaktion in Dolakha, Nepal, supports peasant families in improving local supply by teaching them new cultivation and livestock breeding methods. 

85,000 girls and boys, supported by some ten thousands of adolescent and adult volunteers, go carol singing to collect money for DKA projects in the Austrian parishes between 28 December and 6 January. 350 million euros have been donated to around 10,000 aid projects in the past 60 years.  

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