Vienna, 5 May 2010 Press release

Spindelegger: “Successful peace work requires the 3 Cs”

Foreign Minister on conference for more efficiency in international peace work

Vienna, 5 May 2010 – “Today’s international peace commitment more than ever requires compliance with the 3Cs – co-ordination, complementarity and coherence between international actors, national governments and civil society. And if global threats to peace and security are to be coped with effectively, a primary role will have to be afforded to civil society,” affirmed Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger in a video message from New York to mark the opening of a conference entitled The 3 C approach in fragile situations – the role of civil society. The Vienna 3C Conference aims to illuminate the role of civil society in this context. The event, which is organised by the Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Ministry of Defence in conjunction with Austrian NGOs, is being attended by civil society representatives, diplomats, the military as well as NATO, OECD and the European Commission.

“In organising this conference, we are pursuing an innovative approach: non-governmental organisations are for the first time included in consultations, which is an important step towards more efficiency in peace management,” affirmed Spindelegger. “It is imperative that we take rapid and networked action in the critical stages before, during and after the end of conflicts. Comprehensive concepts that combine measures of foreign policy, security policy and development policy as well as economic measures are necessary in this,” continued the Foreign Minister.

At issue is the coordinated action by all state and non-state actors in situations where people suffer because of conflict, when human security is threatened by war, or when it is necessary to master the transition from a post-war situation to stable and sustainable development. “Conflict prevention, peace-building and state-building are closely related. Indeed, the various actors who implement these tasks depend on each other. They can overcome fragile situations only by concerted action,” emphasised the Foreign Minister.

In his speech before the Austrian Parliament at the beginning of April, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon explicitly paid tribute to Austria’s commitment to peace management. “As an international platform for peace and dialogue and as an official seat of the United Nations, Austria and Vienna are prepared to make an active contribution to this process: by continuing our commitment to international peace missions – through the dispatch of soldiers, police officers and civilian experts, as well as through the work of the Austrian development cooperation,” concluded the Foreign Minister.

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