Athens, 22 March 2010 Press release

Honorary Consul Margit Tropper receives decoration

Vienna, 22 March 2010 – On Friday 19 March, the Austrian Ambassador in Athens, Dr. Michael Linhart, awarded the Golden Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria to Margit Tropper, the country’s former honorary consul in Corfu. She

received the decoration for her exemplary commitment to intensifying Austro-Greek relations, her extraordinary support of Austrian citizens in consular matters as well as her efforts to improve Austria’s image on Corfu.

Corfu and Austria have been closely connected in many ways for a long time. This green island became the favourite refuge of Empress Elisabeth (Sissi), and in 1994, Austria’s accession treaty to the European Union was signed on Corfu. Today, Corfu ranks among the most popular holiday destinations of Austrian tourists visiting Greece. The Honorary Consulate in Corfu was opened in 2000, and was headed by Margit Tropper until 2009.

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